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Case Summary & Key Events (please post all comment here)

Case Summary:

On Oct. 24, 2006, Dr. David Cornbleet was murdered by a one time former patient, Hans Peterson. Stabbed over 20 times, Dr. Cornbleet was found by his daughter later that night left for dead in a pool of his own blood. After killing Dr. Cornbleet, Hans Peterson fled to and hid in the French portion of St. Martin, while at the same time Cornbleet's family assisted police by setting up an online campaign to track down the killer. Through a myspace profile a tip came through that broke the case open, and soon after the Chicago police issued a warrant for Hans Peterson. Knowing that he feld to St. Martin, the police filled out all the proper paperwork and notified the federal authorities. Soon after the warrant was issued Hans Peterson must have felt the authorities were on to him. In August of 2007 he confessed to the crime. Strategically though, he confessed to French authorities on the island betting on the fact that since his Mother was French he would be protected by French Law, and therefore not be sent back to the US to face trial. So far that is exactly what has happened. To help fight for Extradition visit the section directly below the "key dates" and comments.

When Hans Peterson confessed to the murder, he had a smile on his face and was laughing because he believed that he beat the US Justice System. When the French informed him that they were going to send him back, he forced their hands to protecting him by claiming his French Citizenship.

During the confession he gave the French authorities a four page letter with details of the crime and his rational. Hans Peterson initially planned to cut off the hands and feet of Dr. Cornbleet and seal the wounds with a blow torch. Since Dr. Cornbleet fought back, Hans was forced to stab him to death. The rational for the murder focused on Accutane, a powerful acne medication prescribed by Dr. Cornbleet for Hans in April 2002. Hans took two pills and began to feel side effects such as a massive headache. He stopped the medication immediately. Four and half years later he made a second trip to the Dr. Cornbleet’s office to torture and murder him. Within the letter Hans states that the main side effect was impotency.

Now, a year after the murder and months after Hans Peterson’s confession the debate is boiling over. While Hans Peterson’s father, Dr. Thomas Peterson blames the drug Accutane, its manufacturer Roche, and Dr. Cornbleet himself for his son’s actions, Dr. Cornbleet’s family wants Hans Peterson back in the United States to face trial for the murder. They argue that the time for a malpractice case ended the night the Hans murdered Dr. Cornbleet, and that Accutane has nothing to do with Hans Peterson’s choice to flee the murder scene and hide behind his mother’s French nationality.

This site been created to establish an open forum that has started on our myspace profile and other places on the web and has really heated up on I want to invite all to continue the conversation and debate here. If there are any questions, feel free to to contact us through the form below.

Key Dates & Events:

Oct. 24, 2006, Chicago IL: Dr. David Cornbleet is murdered

Oct, 27, 2006,Chicago IL: Chicago Police release security video of the suspect entering and leaving Dr. Cornbleet's office building

Nov - Dec 2007, Chicago IL: The Friends of Dr. David Cornbleet launch an online and media campaign to spread the word about the murder in hopes of tracking down the killer

April 2007: Information is sent via our myspace page that provides the much needed break. Soon after police kick the investigation into a higher gear

June 2007: Chicago police issue warrant for Hans Peterson. Knowing that he is in St. Martin, the Chicago police provided all paperwork for an international warrant and informed all proper federal departments

August 2007: Hans Peterson confesses to the murder, but strategically turns himself in to French authorities. For the first time in his life he claimed to be a French National and requested protection under French law

August 2007: The battle for Extradition begins and the Friends of Dr. David Cornbleet is able to gain US Government Support for the cause

Jan 5, 2008, Chicago IL: French prosecutors to study evidence in US in killing of Loop doctor. Click here for the news story

Jan 15 2008, Chicago IL: Update on Meeting with French Prosecutors
Yesterday we met with a team of French prosecutors to discuss the case and learn more about the French system. Despite conflicting reports in the media, the French team was very helpful in helping the family understand the French position, laws and process. The conversation did not focus at all on extradition, as the team made it clear that they had no power or influence on that process, and that they were simply there to gather evidence on the case.

Now although the fight for extradition is not over, and battling on that front is still going at 110% the family is prepared to open a new front in the battle to assure that justice is served. We are now in the process of gathering as much info on victims rights under French law. The intent of Hans Peterson’s fleeing is more then evident, but that does not mean we cannot use his plan – to be tried under French law – against him. One of those rights allows victims the right to pursue “civil like” cases against a criminal at the same time and during the same trial as the criminal case. There are many others as well, and rest assured we will do all we can to make sure that this murderer’s escape plan is as foiled as possible.

March 9th, 2008: New York, NY: Dateline Covers Dr. David Cornbleet Murder Case:

Dateline NBC on Sunday night, March 16th at 7:00 central time will feature the high profile murder of Dr. David Cornbleet. Dr. Cornbleet was a well liked and highly respected second-generation Dermatologist practicing in downtown Chicago for over 28 years.

He was violently stabbed to death in his own office on October 24th, 2006. His courageous son, Jon Cornbleet made a vow to his father at the grave site to ensure that justice is served. He and the family used unconventional methods to find out who murdered their father.

The case has become an international incident with the assailant using his mother's descent as a way of intentionally avoiding US justice. His father also speaks publicly about the incident citing that the drug prescribed by the doctor might have in some way contributed to the murder.

Jon Cornbleet and family have been able to obtain the support of Illinois Senator's Barack Obama and Dick Durbin, Mayor Richard Daley as well as many others to help in their fight to ensure that justice is served, but is another country going to obstruct true justice?

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